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Non Habitual Residents Tax Regime in portugal

Described as Europe's "best kept secret" by accountants Price Waterhouse Coopers (they are accountants so this is as exciting as it gets!), the new non-habitual tax regime can be of huge benefit to those wishing to live in Portugal for up to 10 years and not pay any further tax on their income.
The scheme is complicated, as you may expect, but certain aspects are quite clear and relevant to many of our clients.
Of particular interest  is the fact that there is no double taxation of pension income, investment income or employment income obtained from abroad when living in Portugal for the first 10 years.
So let's say you are from the UK or anywhere else in Europe. You have a pension. You will not pay any tax on that pension in Portugal. You may of course pay some in your country of origin (the UK)  but that will depend on the source of your pension and the tax set up of your home country.
The same applies to dividends. So for example if you are obtaining dividend income from the UK and living in the UK you will pay higher rate tax on that income. Move to Portugal and you do not pay higher rate tax in the UK (because you are not resident there) and you do not pay tax in Portugal because of this new tax regime. So anybody with significant investment income could typically be saving 25% tax on the net investment income they are currently receiving.
There is a limit to how far we can advise on this and naturally, this is not intended as a substitute for proper tax advice and consulting the necessary legislation. We can recommend advisors for this. But for those who have consulted the legislation and are professionally advised on the benefits we will be happy to advise on the property options available throughout Portugal.
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