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Citizenship by Investment in Portugal

5 February 2016: Is citizenship possible through investment in Portugal? The answer is yes and through the Portugal golden visa programme investors can buy real estate and eventually gain citizenship.
The golden visa programme in Portugal grants residency to anyone from outside the EU investing a minimum €500,000 in property in Portugal. The requirements are simple. No criminal record, no previous rejection of a visa, satisfy the investment criteria and you gain the residency.
It also applies to family. That is spouse and children under age 18 and also dependent children.  Once you gain the residency you can renew after year 1 and then every 2 years, provided you spend a minimum 14 days every 2 years in Portugal. That does not need to be in your property. You can rent this out as an investment and stay in a hotel. It's just presence in the country that is needed.
After six years you and your family can apply for citizenship. There is a basic language test to pass (equivalent for an 8 year old in Portugal) and you need to demonstrate some ties to the country. But providing these tests are passed you can gain citizenship and a second passport.
Importantly, Portugal is a full member of the European Union. So that grants you EU citizenship and hence the ability to live, work, travel, study anywhere in Europe, including the UK, France, Germany and any other country you choose. The Portuguese golden visa programme is the most popular in Europe.
Once you have citizenship then selling your investment is an option should you wish to. So all in all you are considering a six year real estate investment, with rental return that you can liquidate while gaining European citizenship.

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